Australian Passport Information Service


The Australian Passport Information Service (APIS) provides a telephone information service to callers inside Australia seven days a week. When you call your questions will be answered by trained and experienced staff APIS is not a passport office.

You can contact APIS on 131 232 for the cost of a local call. See APIS opening hours.

The service can provide information on:

  • how to apply for your first Australian passport;
  • how to complete the passport application form;
  • where to obtain supporting documentation such as a copy of your full birth certificate;
  • current passport application fees (APIS can also accept payment of priority processing and lost or stolen fees);
  • where to lodge your application;
  • the status of your application and how long it will take to process;
  • how to renew a passport;
  • how to apply for a child's passport;
  • what to do if your passport is lost or stolen; and
  • the number of passports you have lost or had stolen.

APIS also arranges appointments for you to lodge your passport or renewal applications at an Australian passport office if:

  • you need to travel urgently because of unforeseen, compassionate reasons or other exceptional circumstances, or
  • you need a travel document other than an Australian passport or a Document of Identity (DOI) for travel to Norfolk Island

If overseas please contact an Australian diplomatic or consular mission.


For any questions regarding passports, email us at
To comment on our services, use our feedback form. The inclusion of your telephone number may allow for a speedier response.

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information inquiries may be made to Visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for details.

For more information see brochure Australian Passport Information Service (html) (Download PDF 231 KB)